GWE plays a dual role in its projects, both as a project developer and a strategic investor. In addition,
GWE also provides its vast expertise as a consultant to governments and corporations around the globe.

Project Development

Project feasibility study and evaluation
01 Project feasibility analysis, profitability analysis / technology evaluation
· Site suitability studies
Project development and Permits
01 Land acquisition
02 Government and Environmental permitting
03 Community management
Building Project Structure
01 Vendor selection and negotiation
02 Securing PPA and PF
03 Securing equity investors


Equity contribution
Acquiring 20 – 50% of shares depending on the size of projects
Financing external investment from development premium earned + own financial resources
Acting as a Strategic Investor
01 PM + CM for EPC
02 Optimizing power sales structure
03 Setting an Exit Plan for co-investors (such as stake sale for infra investors)


Business Opportunity Identification
Retaining a total of 2.6 GW project pipeline in USA, Chile etc.
Feasibility Study
In house experts in market, technology and finance. Providing various consulting to domestic power generation companies
Legal advisory
Specialized in legal disputes in relation to TSA, EPC, etc.

Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Experience Wind Turbine Manufacturer
More than 18GW wind turbine installed globally
Extensive Portfolio of WTG models available for site optimization
01 3MW and 5MW for onshore wind farm
02 6MW and 10MW+ WTG for offshore wind farm
Manufacturing plant
01 180,000 square-meters manufacturing plant base in Korea
02 400MW annual production capacity